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#1 16 years ago

hi im attempting to create a map for desertcombat final, i had the problem of the no special ops gun, i figured that ill open up a map that works fine with winrfa and have a look at the init file for the soldier spawn kits. I managed to get the init file of my new map with the correct soldier spawn kits then i clicked pack at the top of winrfa selected the source as the folder of my unpacked map and then i packed it, the file comes out as nearly 50mb (all the other maps are close to 10-20mb max) then bf1942 wont start when my newly packed map is in the archives folder, i know its got nothing to do with the files i change being wrong because i tryed to unpack adn repack a file without changing anything, same thing happens. So am i packing the files wrong? any suggestions?


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#2 16 years ago

you cant pack with that...use makeRFA...lots better.....look in the editing tools page on this site...and heres a link to my tutorial site to tell you how to pack it and what to type in .... hope this helps you...