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13th December 2004

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#1 13 years ago

This idea just hit me today while I was lonely on a server driving around in a jeep on Monte Santa Croce.

A REALISM server-side mod that incorporates and mixes around the features of BF1942, RtR, and SW. (This means you can't play it unless you have all three.)

In terms of server-side modding, I'm not sure of how far you can go. I know you can add and mix around vehicles and flag/spawn points. I also know you can place pick-up kits and I believe have people spawn with different kits than normal (I played on a Berlin server once that gave the Russians the Type 99). One thing I'm unsure of is whether you can switch around the armies in different levels. For the sake of this post, I'm going to assume you can. Also, if it's possible to increase small arms damage to other infantry, then that will be made realistic as well.

Here are the modifications per army I thought of off the top of my head:

1. Almost all British Assault kits are replaced with the Assault kit of SW (Bren). Some levels give the RtR British medic kit (Sten) to replace the normal British medic kit (Thompson). British Commando Engineer kits are to be replaced with British RtR Army engineer kits. The commando shotgun kit will be a pick-up kit.

2. German Assault kits are only kept in time periods that the Germans actually had the StG44. Otherwise they are replaced with German Elite engineer kits (grenade launcher!) or German Elite Assault kits (only a few levels). Some German sniper kits are replaced with German Elite snipers in late-war maps.

3. Most levels with the American Army have optional Marine Engy pick-up kit (for the M1 Garand). This is optional instead of mandatory because the Marine camo on the helmet is conspicuous, so should only be used sparingly for US Army areas. Conversely, early war Pacific levels replace the Marines with the normal BF1942 US Army, only using British Army kits (bolt-action Enfield resembles Springfield M1903 and plain uniforms and doughboy helmet are more historically accurate). Later Pacific theater battles have US Army engy kit as a pick up (for Springfield-like Enfield). Most of this depends on whether switching armies is possible.

4. Physical strength of M10 Wolverine reduced to be a normal tank destroyer and not a heavy tank. To compensate, more Shermans or M10s will be added to Allies to face off heavy Tigers.

5. Japanese engineer kits with the Type 5 will not be spawnable, but may appear very rarely as pick-ups. Japanese engineers will instead be given the American Army engineer kits (helmet closely resembles Japanese version). This is because the Type 5 was a prototype weapon and if any actually saw combat, they would have been less than 80 in number and only in later 1945. Most believe that not more than 20 were made, and that none reached the Japanese troops. As a bolt-action, the Enfield can represent the Arisaka bolt action Japanese rifle (looks like it more than the K98).

6. Russian heavy tank lowered in defense. Same principle as the M10, except not as weak (wasn't a tank destroyer, but a medium tank).

7. French Army medic kit is replaced with the American Army medic kit. The primary French SMG at that point in the war was the Thompson, not the Sten. Some Stens were used by the French however, so it can appear as a pick-up kit, in both the French and British helmet styles (some French soldiers wore British helmets at that time). US Army engineer kit appears as a pick up, both for the knife option instead of bayonet but also because the M1 helmet was in common usage by French troops at the time (I think the French helmet in-game is supposed to be a type of M1 helmet, but the American one looks more correct; unfortunately, there's no Adrian M26's).

8. Canadian medics replaced with British RtR medic kit. Stens were the most common SMGs of Canada at the time. However, the Canadian Thompson can still be a pick-up kit. Likewise, the Canadian Assault is replaced by the British commando Assault for the Bren LMG. Johnsons were only used by Canadians that were part of the join US-Canadian Ranger unit. However, one Johnson kit as a pick-up kit would be okay for the sake of fun.

9. Italians are placed in several North African levels where formerly the Germans were in.

Ok, now here are the changes per map that I thought of. Only large, significant changes are noted, as minor vehicle and kit adjustments will always be made. When the German StG kit is replaced, it is replaced with the German Elite engineer unless otherwise noted. Also, all unrealistic SW vehicles (and the jet pack) are to be removed/replaced.

Operation Battleaxe: German StG kit replaced.

Gazala: Same.

Wake Island: US Army replaces US Marines but with British kits.

Kursk: German StG kit replaced.

Tobruk: Italians replace Germans.

Midway: US Army engineer replaces Marine engy. Marine engy kit is a pick-up.

Stalingrad: German StG kit replaced

El Alamein: Italians replace Germans.

Guadalcanal: US Marines but with US Army engineer kit. Marine engineer pick-up kit.

Kharkov: German StG kit replaced.

Omaha Beach: German StG kit replaced. StG44 kit appears as a pick-up.

Bocage: German StG kit replaced with German Elite Scout (G43). StG44 kit appears as a pick-up. I'm considering replacing the US Army with the Free French Army (2nd French Armored Division) and turning this map into more armor-based.

Operation Market Garden: British replace Americans. If not possible, then incorporate British kits to give an "Allied" feel. Pretend the British are there helping the Americans.

Battle of the Bulge: German scout kit replaced with German Elite scout (G43). German scout kit appears as a pick-up kit.

Berlin: German scout kit replaced with German Elite scout (G43).

Iwo Jima: Same.

Coral Sea: US Army engineer replaces Marine engineer, but with Marine engy pick-up kit.

Operation Aberdeen: German StG44 kit replaced.

The Battle of Britain: All German kits spawn German engy, all British kits spawn British engy.

Invasion of the Philippines: US Army replaces US Marines but with British kits.

Liberation of Caen: Same.

Operation Husky: Same.

Operation Baytown: Same.

Battle of Salerno: German StG44 kit replaced.

Monte Santa Croce: German StG44 kit replaced.

Battle of Anzio: German Army replaces Italian Army. German StG44 kit replaced.

Monte Cassino: German StG44 kit replaced with German Elite Assault (FG42).

Kbely Airfield: Same.

Telemark: German StG44 kit replaced.

Mimoyecques: Same.

The Gothic Line: Same.

Hellendoorn: German Elite FG42 kit replaced with German StG44 kit.

Essen: German Elite FG42 kit replaced with German StG44 kit.

The Eagle's Nest: US Army replaced with Free French Army. If this is not possible, then a mixure of French and American kits is to be used to give the "Allied" effect. German Elite FG42 kit replaced with German StG44.

Peenemunde: US Army replaced with Soviet Army. If not possible, then a mixture of Soviet, British, and (maybe) American kits is to be used to give the "Allied" effect.

Raid on Agheila: Italian Army replaces the German Army.

Well, that's what I can think of for now. So what does everybody think?

Keep in mind this is only an idea of mine. It is something that I may pursue developing so as to host a server running this stuff every now and then. Of course, my knowledge of server-side modding is limited, so I'm not entirely sure if all of this is possible.

Leave your suggestions to improve everything, including anything concerning balance or historical accuracy. The only rule you must follow is this: it must be accomplishable without downloading anything, so it must be within the boundaries of BF1942, RtR, and SW.


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28th November 2004

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#2 13 years ago

I was going to ask if you had heard of FH, which makes all other realism mods redundant (except minimods of FH itself), bu then I saw your sig. So I have nothing to say.


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13th December 2004

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#3 13 years ago

lol, I play FH more than any other game. This was directly inspired by FH. And I posted this on the FH board to see what the FH crowd thinks. But keep in mind this is designed so that people don't have to download anything, and as a neat way to utilize Secret Weapons and Road to Rome maps for those of us that have them (FH never modified them).

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#4 13 years ago

but my question is, if you like FH so much, why do you seek a louzy little mod that mixes those weapons throughout the game while FH has it all sorted out as realistic as possible for you? i think people will rather download a big great mod than a smaller, more historically incorrect mod... because that is still not acurate...

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5th September 2005

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#5 13 years ago

lee-enfields and springfields look totally different, yeah they're both wood, the the bolt and the sights and the enfield has a magazine extender on the bottom and the sprigfield doesn't, the enfield is more blockey and longer, the springfield is more round. i don't think many people could donfuse those. it would be like confusing an M1 garand for a K98 almost. although not quite as drastic.


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11th September 2005

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#6 13 years ago

Your server sounds cool. Hope everything works out for you.


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13th December 2004

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#7 13 years ago

Well first off, the reason for the server-side mod is two-fold: 1) People don't have to download ANYTHING. It's server-side. 2) FH does not use Road to Rome or Secret Weapons levels, many of which a lot of people still enjoy playing. (As a matter of fact, FH doesn't even have the Italian Campaign at all, unfortunately.) Yes, Lee-Enfields and Springfields look completely different. I know that. But in Battlefield 1942, the Lee-Enfield is limited to 5-shot magazine capacity, thus making it fire in the same way a Springfield does. And really, I'd rather have a Lee-Enfield that works like a Springfield in maps where the M1 Garand shouldn't exist at all but that BF1942 places in there (such as Invasion of the Philippines). And in any case, some US troops still used the Lee-Enfield M1917 rifle at that time in the war, which also resembled the No. 4.