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13th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello, for all of ya'll who didn't know black and I have shut down RoP for a newer opertunity! Coldsteel Studios, now we can mod more than just one game, now we can mod TONS! And all of our ideas can go in and we can all be happy.

We've been needing CSS staff, we have a few mod sites up and currently working on others. Doom 3, CoD, and Half-Life are all we've got for now, we need more staff. Mainly for now we need a lot of modders. We're good to go with Spokesmen and all the news and advertisers. Also we need moderators, soon we'll get even more traffic, all our mods forums will be linked here each mod has a game section. your choice is always the best decsion (how ever you spell it ;))