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20th July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=red]I am looking for people(modders,artists,mappers,people to put it together, etc.) to make a mod based on Harry Turtledoves Southern Victory WW2 in which the South won the Civil War.[/COLOR] In the 1930s The southern economy is a wreck after the loss of the Great War and the Stock market Crash. These, along with the hatred of Blacks after the Black Socialist rebellion from 1915-1916 gave rise to fascist organizations in the Confederacy,as in Britain and France.The Freedom Party took control in 1934 and began a genocide of southern blacks.

In this world, the CSA is similar to Nazi Germany, complete with a totalitarian leader, President Jake Featherston (1934-), and his Freedom Party. The USA is the Western Allies and the USSR combined, being led by Socialist President Al Smith (1937-42) and then his vice president, Charles La Follette (1942-). More detail @ ( Please post replies here:D :deal:

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