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26th April 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi there! :) I`m from the new realism mod The Sharpest Point. We are aiming for an Battlefield 42 mod which is as realistic as possible. No more crosshairs, just iron sights. No more minimap which include all information with your teammates possition. To play TSP, you`ll need to devote to realism. Anyway, we are currently looking for the following: -Skinners (have some few overworked ones) -Modellers (only has one) -Researchers (need more) -Coders [menucoders is a must] -Mappers (this is what we have most of, its just that we could need more) -BETATESTERS (need more of them;)) If you have any questions/comments, or are interesting, drop by the forums on: or MSN on [email=""][/email] - Gauntlet, TSP Researcher & Website admin