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#1 16 years ago

heya guys,i need some help.on the battlecraft,it says that i need a: WGL_EXT_controls_OpenGl or something lik dat.anyway wen i create a new map,the map is like all purple and well couldnt say pretty but weird.i cant make roads or any of dat stuff.so can anyone help me?????????


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#2 16 years ago

yes, I can help you.

What you see is the heightmap without the texture on it. a easy step to be able to see anything is to first, auto-generate a materialmap either by height or by angle then generate surface maps with the default or desert(or costum if you have made one), then you can see how the map looks without anything special on it.

For proper textures I'd use Editor42 since it has the best texture tools to date.

happy mapping :)