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5th October 2003

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#91 17 years ago

Snipers on Omaha? Don't make me laugh. As McGibs said the MG'ers have enough trouble already plus the allies have way too much ticket advantage already.

Stalingrad pwnz though....


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6th October 2003

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#92 17 years ago

ArminAcehehe ohanian .. .the poles have a smg kit in fall weiss ...its only hidden to prevent all poles running around with it :)

its nice to be a dev and running around with it :)

I heard someone talking about that on the server but I thought they were just lying! Drats, I'll go find it and then all will fear.


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13th February 2004

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#93 17 years ago

ohioan, the mors is on the point on the far east, not too hard too find, i read this thread and started up a local server, me and kirov went lookin for it, kirov found it ten seconds after he spawned over at that point the mors is DEADLY in 0.6 long range, one shot kill. (super noobified uberweapon). but, the sounds are messed up, in burst fire, the first shot is loud as hell and the next one or two sound like a pistol round, wide open- the first shot is loud and then several softer then every once in a while another shot that sounds like a rifle or somethin. i can live with it, cause it is a [email="kick@ss"]kick@ss[/email] gun on the fw map



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7th October 2003

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#94 17 years ago

I'm looking upon 0.6 favourable! There are some really great improvements! Very good work on all the rifle models. And good implemention of the crosshair centering time, especially of the Panzerfaust. And it's nice to see that the smg's are getting used now. Also the fixed MG's are harder to knock out. Oh, and most of the new maps are looking awesome... But i'm missing the cross-hair in the old tankview. The new tankview isn't bad, but somehow it makes me loose the old tank-atmosphere (it's more like going by a submarine, especially with short-barreled tanks) And what happens to the Ex-Packs? Sometimes they seem to do 0% damage on tanks and sometimes they destroy a tank on 5m distance.