0.6 - Part 2: "The Letter" -1 reply

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Admiral Donutz Advanced Member

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9th December 2003

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#111 17 years ago

I'm sure that it will be available at the end of feb. and possibily early march... If not the FH will not live to see the end of march :D *makes preporations for the revolution*


My Blood Is Olive Drab

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18th November 2003

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#112 17 years ago

revoluton..hehe..mwahahahahah, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

ahem...*straightens tie*

Heinrich Blotgrasse

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1st November 2003

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#113 17 years ago
Heinrich BlotgrasseJudging from what I've read so far I will be monumentally disappointed if 0.6 is not available for download by the 19th of this month.

Looks like I'm going to be monumentally disappointed then.

I'm not sure what significance the 15th of Feb had but it looks like sweet FA :rolleyes:


Not Funny

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11th June 2003

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#114 17 years ago

hey, today is the 18th my friend...


Rockin' the Casbah

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29th June 2003

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#115 17 years ago

I highly doubt that it will be release tommorrow, if they are smart they will release on a weekend or a friday..

And I THINK they 15th was a day when they where supposed to kill all the bugs, but I think i heard someone say "The bugs won" or something around that.