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23rd February 2004

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#61 17 years ago

What da ya mean no? Bah, so many people mistakenly think the Hailar map was heavily unbalanced against the Japanese, but whatever..even if you believe it was, what is wrong with a challenge?


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16th May 2002

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#62 17 years ago

the problem is not the map but the players. the japanese only need to hold 2 FLAGS, and just let it tickets drain and out kill the ruskies. they have over a 200+ ticket advantage.


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5th December 2003

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#63 17 years ago

Hey you forgot one map if am not blind reading. Done by [Omni] the MONTE CASSINO Polish map!

Hope it maked into 0.6

PS. Pardon my spelling or anything else, under heavy medication so am slow and confuzed.

Cheers m8's