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31st August 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I love the new class menu images. But I think that the name should be the class one, not the weapon that use. (Example: Assault, no Garand)

Another think, the carabine should be in a kit like the G43, no in the engineer class. Because some people choose the class for the weapon and not for the class itself, so they normaly don't use the class skills when is needed. (Example: A guy that is engineer cuz he loves Carabine, some mate call for a mechanic, but the engineer guy don't want to repair anything.)

I think it will be better if each country got different images. Cuz its a bit strange to see a german image in a japanese menu, or things like that.


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29th September 2003

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#2 17 years ago

Me I don't care too much how these images look etc, as long as they are good for their use. The way it is now they aren't. I just played Kharkov Winter as allied, and it annoyed me thatwhen you seleect a class It doesn't really stand out from the others, it just gets a slightly different (greenish) background color.The otherl classes has different colors too so this can be confusing.

So when you respawn after a death or after a new map loaded, it is not immediately available at a glance what class you were the last time. A good user interface here would highlight the selected class (with a white background or something equally clearly visible).