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5th October 2003

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#21 15 years ago

Yes, apparently the King Tigers were extremely complex, and they had definately more technology in them then any other tank of the war. Also if they would have been captured, they most probably would have tranported them away....to find out more technical fastc about the tank....


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#22 15 years ago

it seems to me that it is fine as it is now, the germans stole quite a few t34's from the russians, even taking them back and converting them into anti- aircraft. in war, you do whatever is necessary, i wouldn't think the controls would be much different. any tanker would have the general idea of how to use an enemy tank, granted, ranges would be different, and there may be words you don't know how to read, but i think forward and aft are pretty self explanitory. IMO, i don't think tanks should respawn anywhere but in the main bases, which would make wounded tanks left by the enemy the only ones easy to steal, which engineers could fix, but JUST MY OPINION


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#23 15 years ago
ArtieIt's a great idea. During the actual war, soldiers didn't just hop into enemy tanks and start using them. All vehicles (with the exception of jeeps and trucks, maybe) should be locked out, IMO.

No, but nations did capture and use enemy vehicles, which is what is being displayed in FH. Locking out the enemy stuff is unrealistic.

I KNOW a simple infantryman wouldn't be able to drive a tank, but their nation would have captured it, fixed it, and put it back into service with translated controls or a crew that knew what they were doing. That's what stealing enemy vehicles is about. If you can't capture them, it's unrealistic.