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27th April 2003

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#41 16 years ago

I love Adak island. It was one of my favorite maps.

Way to be mature there Killor and MG.


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16th September 2002

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#42 16 years ago


There's nothing wrong with liking action. Far from it. But trust me, if more people played with the mindset that they'd only take as many flags as they need, they'd still see plenty of action. Think about it for a second. The Japanese only NEED to take one flag on Wake to stop the ticket bleed. Ideally two are better, but one is enough. If they take that one flag, what do you think is going to happen? Every blue arrow is suddenly going to come STRAIGHT for that position. And those blue arrows will KEEP coming for those positions again and again and again. So, the Japanese get dug in good and tight, and just wait for enemy, then slaughter them.

Trust me, defense is MUCH easier in this mod. And something else to remember is that as much as you may be bored and impatient about defense, so's the other guy. He WILL come to you. Trust me.

Finally, something else to consider. What good do you do your team when you charge pell-mell into a firefight at a flag, all by your lonesome, and get picked off? You might as well have just suicided. Maybe you'll take out some of their guys, but there's no way you'll survive. Now, if people worked in coordinated squads, THEN having a dedicated offense and defense force might work. (we'd put you on "offense" :) ) But otherwise, I say it's better most of the time to defend. ESPECIALLY if you're at a ticket disadvantage. Attacking will not help you on most maps in that situation, unless it's one of the ol' three flag maps. But even then, you're going up against dug-in troops.

And your aim is MUCH better when you're stationary on defense than when you're running up a hill with your rifle out...


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17th February 2004

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#43 16 years ago
ww2freakI love Adak island. The americans must defend. Defend and wait. That's what war is sometimes about, the nervous waiting for the enemys attack.

Well then thank god this is only a game and not real war. Commonly games are played to have FUN. If the game isn´t fun, then it could be a bad game. Some people might think its fun to wait and anticipate an attack (that propably will never happen), but the majority of people play FH for some thrilling fun and action. (I´m not saying all maps have to be total action, but there should always be a fair mix).


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22nd May 2003

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#44 16 years ago

I don't want Adak removed, but some changes could help it. I think both destroyers should be removed so that the carrier is the only ship on the map. Allies would still have defgun and planes to fight it off. Axis could have landing craft with spawnpoints in them, like the Allies do in Omaha. I would like some more footpaths so infantry can move around more easily, especially in the area between the small base overlooking the water (not the one with the seaplane or the one north of the airfield) where the arty spawns and the flag on the hill above the airfield. Lots of people walk there so it makes since for there to be a path.

edit: and Rad can't leave, he still has to skin the plow.

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28th May 2003

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#45 16 years ago

I do not want Adak Island removed neither......

It could need some improvements, but then again all maps do from time to time. Maps that evolve always become much better.

Mappers should not get angry with the community when they receive critisism on their work. Ofcourse comments like "This map sucks" are completely useless, but feedback should be considered. There aren't to many man created things that are perfect in one go. Most things get better when they evolve from lessons learned how it could be better....

Not all critisism is justified too, but if a lot of players do not like a map, it needs work.