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30th November 2003

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#31 17 years ago

Leave the AA guns how they are, but reduce the damage to infantry and make sure you know how to place them. Because the AA on Wake pointing at the Japs beached ship is a 100% infantry spawnkiller. And the AA-guns at the moment are fine, a bit skills and you shoot a Fighter or light bomber down in one shot. Otherwise go Jap and take a AT-granade, I recently shot a full speed flying SBD down with that :).

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28th May 2003

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#32 17 years ago
LordKhaine But I think its better to take a couple strafes to kill an apc, rather than blow up an apc in a split second like it was before.

There must be split second blow up APC, trucks and jeeps......realism.....

APC are so thin armoured they will be puched through with every aircraft mg bullit that hits it, and even more so 20 mm cannon rounds. It doesn't have to blow up on my part, as long as all the bullets pass through and kill the passengers. But APC as almost every vehicle in WWII ran on gasoline......if you know what i mean.....

Making APC so tough that you have to make 3 attack runs on it is making the game unrealistic.

My experience is vehicles in general are perfectly safe from air attack if you keep off the roads and drive through trees, bushes and city area's with them. That is their primary defence, just make it difficult for planes to spot. In Wake island for example a plane will inmidiatly notice a vehicle driving on the bright sand road.....but it will generally fail to detect vehicles driving besides the road on the green covered with trees and bushes fast enough to engage. Camoflage on vehicles doesn't only look cool, it can really actually protect you if you seek to match that surrounding when you travel with that vehicle. In general just green, grey or sand colored vehicles are fine too if you seek to blend in with the enviroment enough to make spotting harder. That generally means just stay off the road.....Altitude makes things smaller you know......and flying too low makes you a victim to almost every weapon there is. In deserts you better travel with a group of tanks, so you can combine mg fire when aircraft appear.


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10th November 2003

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#33 17 years ago

Hmm, My experience:

I get much less confirmed kills now than before. Enemy pilots will bail out and suicide long before the plane blows up. This happens 90% of the time.

I don't think that fighter to fighter damage should be set to 0.5 levels, because this is far too exagerrated. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, especially in a zero, it only ever took a 2 second burst of fire to the engines to blow up the enemy. But this was far too easy.

I like the fact that being a pilot is now much more challenging than it was. It really is much more exciting when you get a confirmed kill now. Also, there are less pilots, which is great as there is always a plane around when you want one.

The only changes I would make would be the following:

Increase the agility of *some* of the planes (Spitfire!!) Increase in damage fighters can do to eachother. Increase the view distance (especially on very large maps like that excellent giant russian map whose name I can't spell!)

All in all, the changes to the flight system have really increased my enjoyment of the game. But it does need some tweaking as we all agree :)


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21st October 2003

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#34 17 years ago
SputtyBTW, guns that could pierce tank armor, even if it was just a 25mm cannon on a plane would probably chew up the crew and many important parts of the tank, perhaps engines, or ammo.

P47Ds and P51D used to destroy german tanks with their MGs...not through the top armor either. Quite by accident a pilot discovered by shooting just in front or rear of the german armor at the attack angle would be enough. It would seem that the stream of 50 cal bullets would bounce up and richotte into the undercarrage and pentrate inside the tank. No one put much armor "under" a tank in those days. imagine how those 20 or so 50. cal rounds would bounce around inside the crew area. NASTY. There are many gun camera footage shots of this happening.