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5th February 2003

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#31 17 years ago

i dont think you can compare dc and fh. no matter which release of fh you are compaing it to, dc will, unfortunately have many more players. its a noob magnet. ask your average joe if they would rather play a game in which you can fly an apache or drive a humvee, or, in which they can fly an IL 2 or drive a stug and he would unf go for the apache. sad but true. fh is a specialist realism mod - a niche market. and it hurts me to say it as i personally think its the best mod out there. for me, dc sucks, BIG time - worse than vanilla, but i really cant see fh ever beating it.


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9th February 2003

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#32 17 years ago

An alpha - the game is just that, ingame. There are features of the game in, but there is defidentally more being added, and many bugs fixed.

A Beta - the game is near complete, few more things will be added, while the developers work on making it a well balanced(in most cases), mostly fixing bugs.

Forgotten hope is still adding many things, and this is mostly just a playable alpha, without much missing

DC is more like a beta, it has lots done, mostly remaking models, adding new maps, balancing, etc...

DC will probably have a 1.0 version before FH, although FH will have more content probably... DC to FH will probably be similar to CS to DoD in half life... Just because CS has more players, doesnt mean that DoD is something to scoff at.


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30th June 2003

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#33 17 years ago

on the other hand, playable versions are mostly refeered to as a beta (HL2 beta for example, more like an alpha, per definition).

I think the alpha lays the basics, like main features. The beta then starts adding less important content (skins etc), and balancing as well as final bughunting (the turning point is perhaps when there are less bugs than gamecode working...).


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28th May 2003

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#34 17 years ago

If you play the new 0.5 DC you can be killed by a few shots so its semi realistic. DC is a very good MOD, its just some people would rather drive a panther than an M1A1, personally I like to drive both :D


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2nd May 2003

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#35 17 years ago

BG42 will reach 1.0 before FH, but they won't have as much content, doubt DC will either unless they start making Brits or something


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16th September 2003

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#36 17 years ago

Beast of WarI think mods wich are not played in official clan competition ladders all die. Public players have very fast evaporating interest levels, they only have attention for new stuff, and since it isn't the only mod out there......look what happens to the also impressive Battlegroup 42 mod. I can only find 2 servers in europe !

Better get a few official competiton sites interested supporting FH and get clans adopt it for clan competition wars. DC has that too.

I already read a lot of complaints on other sites, guess most didn't know the true ( realism) nature of FH and expected vanilla bf with a lot of new cool ubervehicles....and now they are dissapointed.

That isn't bad news i guess as long as FH attracks enough serious wargamers and there are enough servers online. And hopefully supported by ladder competition sites, i really want to fight other clans in FH in clanwars.

hey beast u know there are clans u are/were in 1 GO [11PzG]