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#41 16 years ago

Dime_a_DozenThe Arisaka in FH is actually a model of the Type 99 but with the ballistics of a 6.5mm Type 38. This was a mixup in our conversion over to FH when we joined them. In Pacific Shores we originally went with the Type 99 because it had the 7.7mm bullet, which we felt would fare better against all the other US weapons. It wasn't looking nice against all the semi-auto the americans were going to get and we were only a 3 man team...And the sound does somewhat muted.

The knee mortar needs new animations--I think it uses some existing ones. That code was also changed when we merged.

The sniper rifle was in the works, but was dropped for some reason. The Type 97 grenade will get completed and the Type 96 LMG got a last minute scope but its muzzle will be looked at.

What I'm basically saying is that these things will get reviewed for coming releases.

Thanks for the onfo. :)