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24th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Guys now we really need your help, plz post in here what maps you think are unbalanced in FH , what side has the advantage and plz also post why you think this unbalance occurs on the very maps.

Would really help us improve FH for 0.62...


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13th January 2004

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#2 17 years ago

Omaha, the axis never win, IMO it's from the way Axis lose tickets when they lose the one flag, this should be changed IMO. Gold beach, It's very hard for allies to win, again, tickets being the main problem. All Africa maps are unbalanced IMO, due to a lack of good tank killers. Including the PIII would help a lot, as well as putting defense 88s around and finishing the Marder II(with the 76mm russian gun) would give a good mobile tank killer.

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25th July 2003

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#3 17 years ago

I don't dislike realistic imbalance but the map The Storm is impossible for Axis side to win they have one tank and the russians have massive amounts. Even though they have a lot of flak18/36 most people try to kill the tanks with the AA not knowing how to switch between and there are not enough to hold off all the russian tanks.


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17th February 2004

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#4 17 years ago

Well, I´ll start of with Karneila. Sice I love trench warfare, I like this map. But the inbalance seems pretty obvius: -Soviets get IS-2 and can get to the trenches via land. -Axis have nothing to really counter the IS-2. Its just to ÜBER for an Infantrie map. -Axis might have a bit more Artillery, but that hardly makes a difference. -Axis have to cross water to retake their trench position, which is obviusly much harder than attacking over land. -The flag-radiuses of both fortified positions is to large, and makes capping them fairly easy. And once you loose your entrenched position, the game ends up in carnage... Thats just my thoughts on Karneila. Omaha Beach dosn´t really need balancing, regarding team-strenght etc, since the map is not meant to be fair. I´ve seen both teams win, and it often depends on the amount of players on the server (the more, the harder for the Allies). Still, I think the map could be improved by: -Add Naval support for Allied forces. You could have it as a seperate spawnpoint, further of the coast than the LCDs. -I wouldn´t mind seeing a few addittional LCDs for Allied forces to spawn on (maybe 1 or 2 more). It just seems stupid having 2 LCDs at attacking at once on the BIG ALLMIGHTY D-Day. And if you have enough players, the boats will still be full. -I´d like to see the left flag repositioned somewhere near the shingle, because, during the landing, that was the first place the soldiers could take a breath. -Narrow the beach down slightly. 95% of the Allied players attack either over the far left (more popular) or the far right, since they are safer up those routes (left flank is out of main bunker range). I´d prefer if Allied forces were forced to attack ospread out over the WHOLE beach. -Berlin outskirts can seem like a run against a brick wall for the Allies. But this is mostly due to uncoordinated game-play. Maybe removing a gun here and and tweaking something there might make ita bit more versatile. -Stalingrad could do with a revision. Maybe try the game-play mode PUSH I suggested, and make it larger. -Trenches are a great speciality of the FH team (or so it seems) and I´d like to see them on many more maps. These are my thoughts on my favorite maps...


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18th November 2003

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#5 17 years ago

ok here goes ;)

The Storm: advantage - Axis.

Russians have too weak armor to get past the Axis 88's, I'd suggest taking out the Russian light tank and replacing it with that KV model. Another thing is that the APC's are never used, maybe swaping these for armor would help.

Battle of Foy: Advantage - Axis

basicaly those pesky MG's should be taken out of the weapon selection, and instead used as Deployable MG pickup kits. this not only balences it, but makes it much more of a fun game rather than an MG whore fest.

another one is Gold beach, but this depends on the situation. sometimes if axis are quick enough they'll camp around the uncapturable flag till the tickets turn 0. even though this is a debatable tactic allies dont have ANY fun at all when this happens, more or less it also leads to Axis camping the spawns and basicaly hanging around on the beach, instead of staying further inland.

thats all I can think of now, but i'll chek the servers and post again if I see any noticable advantages.

hope I helped AceS :)


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2nd May 2003

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#6 17 years ago

Where to begin... These are my opinions: The Storm: Haven't seen allies win this one yet (due to server settings?). Marginal ticket advantage is effectivly reduced by the powerful German defence. I suggest the Axis uncappable base should be turned into a cappable or somehow be moved farther away from the rest of the flags. The Il2 with rockets seem out of place due to the low number of axis tanks. It should have bombs or cluster bombs. Omaha: I've already written about this in suggestions. Prokhorovka: The laggiest of all FH maps... not played it enough times but allies seems pretty favored with all those 88's and paks (!). More planes for axis possibly. Breakthrough: My favorite so far... a little favored to the axis because of the bridge. The large amount of allied planes doesn't help much because of lack of good pilots. They should have a bomber. Fall weiss: Not a real favorite, too simple layout. Pretty hard for Poles. Once the two 7Tp's are gone it's not that much to do. Usually the town flag is easy to defend though. It's also a little too much running around. Better defensive positions with trenches or artillery for poles, more and varied armour for germans. The Polish planes are only usefull for shooting down german planes so a Pzl 23 would be neat. Gold Beach: Have seen Allies win this once. The problem is the first flag with the 1km wide radius. After that the axis seem pretty helpless though. [color=black]Karelia: [/color][color=black]Suddenly favored for Russians. Ofcourse the untactical layout makes the chance of recovery from a loss of the two flags nearly impossible. [/color]

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6th December 2003

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#7 17 years ago
Roger WatersI don't dislike realistic imbalance but the map The Storm is impossible for Axis side to win they have one tank and the russians have massive amounts. Even though they have a lot of flak18/36 most people try to kill the tanks with the AA not knowing how to switch between and there are not enough to hold off all the russian tanks.

I have seen axis win more times then russia...... and if you add more tanks to the axis the russians will be doom't. don't forget that the germans also have 2 wespe's

the only proplem I see is that the russians can circel around and take the flags....that make's it hard on the germans becours they have to fight of the tanks and the infantry from behiend....


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24th September 2003

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#8 17 years ago

The Storm: Axis base needs to be cappable. Every time I've played it, it has turned to a baserapefest by Allies. Every single time. It's really terrible for the Axis. They seriously need something in the mainbase to lauch a counter attack against allies.. Maybe two Tigers/Panthers, that spawn after all flags have been captured. Most times when playing the map on axis, I've just left the computer and went to watch TV until it changes.. No idea really to play the map just to die time after time before I even get to move one step. Terrible, especially on +800 ticket servers.

Omaha: Quite fine, but I'd like to see the left passage completely removed so allies would be forced to rush trough the beach instead of flanking the axis defenses.

Prokhorovka: Terrible map. Maybe best option would be just to remove the whole thing. It's damn laggy and all the action spread all over the flags. It looks nice and has JU87G, but that's about it.

Gold Beach: General ticket count needs to be upped by few hundred percents. On 100-200% ticket servers the allies get fisted with no vaseline by axis before they even get to cap the first flag. I've seriously seen them win the map only once. It's usually total axis machinegun domination.

So, the beach part of Omaha should be rezised to 80% of its current size, Prokhorovka seriously tweaked (few flags removed, most of the anti tank/air guns in bases removed. seriously, there are more at/aa guns than players to man them on 64pl server). Axis needs something in The Storm to launch a counter attack against the allies with.


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4th November 2003

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#9 17 years ago

leave most maps as they are now, the storm is too easy for allies to win, cause the "snowspeeder" slip too easily through the eastern line of defense and once the allies have started capturing falgs behind the axis front the map is almost done for, maybe strengthen the eastern axis defense up a little. Omahaa is fine now IMO, I have seen both sides win pretty often. Maybe you could make the katyusha in berlin outskirts a one-person-vehicle? I drive it to the repairpad to get constantly new ammo and fire as fast as i can and some /%!"§ jumps in and drives me right to the front, behind the hill and without proper katyushafire the map is impossible to win for the russians, because the howitzers cant target anything vital because of the hills in front of them.... Saipan could need at least some AA guns, there is nothing to do against countless fighters from the carrier. Bulge will get better with the pershing i suppose, atm the Tiger and KT rock this map too much. Wake: Urgently remove the AA-Gun at the stranded destroyer, that thing is a monster or at least highten up the sandbags that you can´t spray the destroyer from there.



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2nd October 2003

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#10 17 years ago

Omaha: for the love of god, DO NOT add a destroyer or more lvps. the last thing it needs is to give the allies an advantage. The only thing that should be changed is giveing the allies a slow ticket bleed until they capture inland flags (not the beach flag) and/or removing the axis ticket bleed altogether.

Gold: Give the brits 1 more churchill at the start of the game, and reduce the capture zone of the first flag (the germans just sit in the HUGE cap radius and the brits can never kill them all, so they can never cap the flag)

foy: give it more flag points. 1 more in the field, and one at the church. That church is so pretty, and huge, but it has NO purpose at all. It would be so bitchin to have it as a last ditch flag. Making the mg42 as a pickup would probly be wise. Replace it with an officer and give the neblewerfers somthing to see with.