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13th October 2003

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#161 17 years ago

Karkov Winter This map is a pain for German Tankers. The T-34 completly owns Panzer IV (how many times I was hitting a T34 3 times on side and with 2 hits on the front I was dead). Germans should get a third tanks in base or better models. And the arti spot to hammer base needs to be removed, once a team hold first flag with 3 tanks and having artillery hammering the base the game is over. For me it's the worst map of the game (of BF42 not especially FH).

Berlin Outskirt Spawn time on Pak and Flak needs to be increase


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16th September 2002

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#162 17 years ago

As has been stated plenty of times, the PzIV in its short-barreled 75mm model, just isn't cut out for anti-tank work. It's great against infantry, but without its counterpart, the PzIII, it's meat on the table for T34s, Shermans, Crusaders, and the like. Once we get the PzIII in these earlier war maps, I think we'll see more non-axis tank deaths.


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27th April 2003

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#163 17 years ago

okay here are some for Berlin outskirts: -Give the 88s/PAk40 a higher respawn time (maybee five minutes) -maybee Replace the KT with sometihng that isnt so powerful? (not sure about it ..) -Remove Ticket bleed for Allies/give allies more tickets -give Allies more armour ? the Assault part in the begining is very boring but when you get to the trenches its vey funny :)