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17th January 2004

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#11 17 years ago

Bots can also be made smarter by re-coding the AI subfolders in the Handweapons, Stationary_Weapons, and various vehicles. It's a tradeoff, of course, because you sacrifice multiplayer for a stronger singleplayer experience, unless you intend to play only on a LAN where you can distribute the re-coded AI to all your buddies. Still, let me list a few of the reasons why it may be worth it: -Beyond 100 feet, you encounter only vehicle, artillery and sniper fire. -100 feet down to 50, rifle fire. -60 to 10 feet, or in a light transport, you face grenades -50 to 10 feet, SMG fire -10 down to 2 feet, pistol fire -2 feet or less and you get into knife/sword/bayonet fights -AI that actually uses the stationary MGs -AI that coordinates attacks depending on whether it's facing superior or inferior numbers -AI that hunts you by crouch-walking in cover (Especially cool in EoD with its thick foliage) -AI that can fly, and kill with, the AH64 (in Desert Combat) Loach (EoD) Cobra (EoD) or Iroquois (EoD) -AI that mans and uses the gunners' positions in bombers -AI that doesn't kill itself trying to shoot infantry with AA emplacements -AI that does shell enemy positions with arty pieces (e.g. AT25, PaK40, mortars, defguns, etc.) If done right, as pointed out above, playing against the AI can and does feel more like fighting an organized, determined enemy force than playing against disorganized, every-man-for-himself human players. But again, it depends on whether or not that's the kind of game you want. If you absolutely have to fulfill your craving to be spawnfarmed, team-killed or spend an hour and a half trying to find a server with open slots and a ping under 300, by all means, don't improve your AI. lol ;)

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