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#11 17 years ago
Widowmkr NZNi have been playing fh and there are a few issues i'd like to mention the virtully indestructable carriers i layed into a japenese carrier with allied destroyer planted enough shells in it that would sink 2 maybe 3 carriers in normal battlefield and it didnt sink so i rammed it at full speed in allied destroyer 3 times as well as shells and still it didnt sink carriers have never been that strong thats why the ussually have a floatilla of ships protecting them

Were you the guy rockin the japanese carrier??? If not some guy was... was makin me sea sick, finaly I got off in the fighter bomber and started makin runs on the US destroyer. Then our Battleship showed up and really laid the hurt on him hehe. :rocket: Btw its very hard to take off a carrier thats listing 45 degrees lol. :fistpunch: Ohh on another note, Jackal, have you looked at the Hia Che (?) Japanese fighter bomber? The one with the triple bomb drop. Well, if you look at it, the bombs are kinda in the model, makes for one hard bomb run, b/c you cant dive bomb. It will blow you up if you do, so you have to toss bomb, or level bomb. Was that done on purpose? or is that just somethin that needs a tweak.

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