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22nd September 2003

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#61 17 years ago
Acomba MikeIronsights (button V, isnt it?) are only really useful in OFP in tanks in the gunner pos: as infantry, unless you're trying to snipe, they just obscure your vision in combat. I don't mind them, but they don't do much for me personally.

Up to about 30m they're not needed, but if I starting firing at much greater distances I find it extremely good, mainly because it allows me to just fall distance alot quicker and easier. You're right though. It would be best remove the crosshair completely in OFP. Vietcong has done that (in Vietcong mode) and it works a treat.

but I could see how in the high-stakes clan battle world of those who have never seen female genetalia (;)) it could cause problems if it was made compulsory and there was such an easy workaround.

Well that's their problem then. Fuck clans. I just want my quick fix of interesting gaming. :)