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12th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello ArminAce Could you, or someone else in the development team please address the following issues? This isn't a complaint thread nor a criticism thread. I will offer here a critique. I hope that you will review this objectively. (1) combat weapons - issue of Kar98 The Kar98 seems to be a weaker and untuned weapon in 0.6 as opposed to the previous release of this modification. I offer the further explanation. First is the issue of aiming and here I refer to two aspects of aiming: (1) reticle size speed and (2) aiming in terms of leading a shot. At the present time the speed with which the reticle diminishes enough to shoot accurately on either a Kar98 or Enfield No4 is slightly too slow. This poses somewhat of a problem and a disadvantage to anyone in close-quarter battles (towns, etc) where a very short distance shot fires completely wide. As a "very short distance" I mean point-blank range. Should this be the case simply because the reticle is not "tight" for a clean shot? Close distance shooting from a rifle of this calibre should not be affected by the reticle size. Thus it would help to either speed up the reticle aim retraction or fix short distance accuracy. Second is the leading the shot for long distance fire. These rifles, particularly the Kar98, were very effective at longer range in version 0.5e. The leading of a shot was quite predictable yet still required some skill to fire precisely to fell someone at longer distances. Presently this doesn't seem to be the case in this release. I have yet to figure out the precise "lead" required for the good shot at long distance simply because the same distance lead is needed for short distance shooting. The issue I'm experiencing is not lag, since I've tried this on a number of servers at low ping - the same servers I usually played before the release of 0.6 (wolf, etc..). At the moment there seems to be no variation in "leading" the shot. The same distance (lead) is required for long distance firing as is required for medium distance shooting of a moving target. Lastly is reloading time. Compared to other model rifles present in this mod the Kar98 seems to take longer to reload (for the bullets to become available for egress). Is there a thought of quickening the reload time of this rifle in future updates? 2) Aerial combat There was a rather long debate/discussion regarding aerial combat and manoeuverability of airplanes in this mod. I will not go into all the details of the previous discussions or continue the argument but to say that current fighter aircraft manoeuverability is lacking somewhat. Indeed the attempt at creating a 'realistic' flight model is to be commended, however, the key term that ought to be considered here is "proportionality". At the moment the flight movement of the planes is not proportional to either the maps or defense/offense capabilities (ground defense or air/air offense). By this I mean that the room to manoeuver in a plane on many land-based maps is quite insufficient for the flight model introduced in this version of Forgotten Hope. This may not be the case for sea-based maps as those offer more room (physically on the map) to fly. I will leave it at that and offer more suggestions/critique as time allows. Thanks to everyone reading this and offering your thoughts. And many cheers to you - the Forgotten Hope gents (ladies?) for this mod. I'm looking forward to further updates that may perhaps address these issues. To those that will jump on me without an attempt to understand that this is a critique and then claim their rightful place in the house of ignorance by fortuitously showering the thread with such terms as "realism" or "balancing" my answer to you is quite simple - go suck an egg.