Day 22 Update (Tractors) -1 reply

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21st December 2002

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#51 17 years ago

hey guys ! remember, we make this mod for fun.... we spend our own leisure time in it .... we dont get any cent paid and we want to make something unique ... not only battlevehicle No 784823682

we can spend our leisure time for stuff we want to do ...not what you want us to do (mostly its the same anywhere)

Maybe we will spend our time now to develope new radio commands.... "enemy tractor in sight.... and so on"

stuff like the tractors make a mod unique ...they add fun/ambience to a mod and we can realise our personal dreams in a game

let us do the stuff we want to do will like it when you can play around with the special stuff ingame.....

thats something else and more variety means more fun and the mod dosent get that fast boring .... its like with staticobjects