Dev's Why did you Make Panzers Suck so BAD?? -1 reply

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3rd October 2003

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#61 15 years ago

Yes, the Panzer4d should have a larger blast radius on its so called "high explosive" shells. perhaps something closer to a grenade explosion.

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27th April 2003

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#62 15 years ago

Beast of WarErrrr.....i only read once in all post above why exactly the panzer IV with the short barrel "sucks"

It was build to fight INFANTRY as an infantry support tank, it fired High Explosive shells from a low velocity 75 mm cannon to be effective to combat infantry.

So if you trying to fight tanks with that......sure it sucks, and it is 100 % realism too.

The panzer III was the tankfighting tank at the time, with up to 50 mm anti tank cannon. It is not (yet?) in FH, but it should by all means, so you can have tankfighting tanks. But it won't help you in russia......the Panzer III was hopelessly outmatched by the T34.

The reason the panzer IV was eventually equipped with a big anti tank cannon and heavier armour is that the Panzer III chassis and turret could not be upgraded, the light and small tankdesign would not allow it. The Panzer IV was built diffrently and the chassis was lengthened, so it could carry better armour, a heavier turret and a bigger gun. The version H was however a stopgap solution to face tanks like the T34, it was not equal to the T34.

Because many that only know the T34 from bf1942 and FH as a weak target, it is not well known in real WWII the T34 was a supertank for over a full year the germans had no answer to. The T34 you all laugh about in bf1942 and FH was their greatest nightmare......The germans were desperate and had to rely heavily on tank destroyers and anti tank field guns that were the only weapons that had cannon large enough to effectively fight T34. Only with the appearance of the tiger and the panther they had tanks that could effectively fight it.

You could say the T34 won the war on the east front......the germans only could bring tanks to fight it effectively when they were allready losing.

You can find stuff like this in war history books or sites like achtung panzer!

True the Russian T34s and the KV siereis were feared by German tankers. I have read stories of KV 1s and 2s holding up German advances for days.

What the Germans realied on were tactics and communications. When they slugged it out wit h the French DCMs and DCLs they proved that you could beat an enemy with better tactics. I mean what would you perfer a 38 (t) or an S 35. People often forget and the Germans were able to accomplish amazing things throughout the war with inferior tanks.

Beast of War

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28th May 2003

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#63 15 years ago

Yes, that is also true......if the germans would not have had superior tactics, WWI would have repeated itself and they would be stuck in a trench war in france again.

What german tanks could not handle the stuka or the He111 could. The new spearhead tankdivisions including infantry (panzergrenadiere) were highly motorised and simply went around enemy fortifications and positions, leaving them to be mopped up later by follow up forces. One of the strongest belgium fortresses even had fallshirmjager land on the roof, a direction fortresses were not build to defend against. The superior tactics did have a down side....the war went so well for the germans they did not see their tanks were in fact not adequate to handle enemy armour. So development of newer types had low priority. This mistake cost them dearly when they came upon the T34.

I forgot all about the 35t and the 38t. These were the (czech) tanks in german service that actually together with the Panzer II did all the fighting in poland, france and yugoslavia. The panzer III was there too in france, but in very limited numbers. If FH makes a 1939/1940 map, the 35t and 38t should not be forgotten !