DICE garand...good or bad? -1 reply

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18th November 2003

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#31 17 years ago

yeah, lower it to what its is in regular BF1942, its fine like that and didnt nead raising, although I admit the bolt actions did.

Maybe a realy fresh sound from the merciless crew would be neat, and a nice..more darker skin. the model and animations are FINE.


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28th September 2003

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#32 17 years ago

AFAIK the Garand Sniper was only used in Korean war and not in WWII, especially not in Europe.

However, I do not like the low "Ping" sound of teh Garand right now.

Turn it up, tuuurn it up!


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27th April 2003

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#33 17 years ago

could you make new Skin for the springfiedl to since it will replace that Garand one ..


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25th May 2003

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#34 17 years ago

Lt.SmithWhat do u ppl think of the DICE garand being used in FH? do u miss the old? like the DICE? want a new one?

imo the dice one is not up to professional standards.

Bad bring on the old one :cheers: