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23rd January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi there,

To start with let me tell you who I am and who we {nWa} and what I wish to bring to you and many other clans like yourself.

I am Mike(AKA VanDam) the leader of nWa. We are a clan that’s been going now for about a year. We started of as a spearhead clan and have now moved on to playing CoD and Different battlefield mods. After the time we have been in clanbase we feel there’s a need for a move and future of gaming leagues following along the lines of clanbase but better. What clanbase have done is a good thing for many clans out there, but there way of running things and support if I’m 100% honest with you sucks.

So I have been thinking about this for a long time starting up are own anti cheats leagues bringing leagues for gaming by the gamers themselves. I have hunted around clanbase to see what ladders ppl where looking at being started but even tho theres well over the 10clans needed on the votes they still fail to bring you the gamer what you want. With that I am now starting up those league that you the gamers are asking for, But to make this successful I need as many clans to sign up to the site and get posting there ideas. I will tho be using like a football system not the system that clanbase use. This will stop fake matches and make every one play everyone. Plus guarantee every clan one match a week. There for you always have a match and the scoring system is far. You will be able to work out where in the league you can end up before the match starts. IE:- 3points for a win 1 for a draw and 0 if you lose. With ticket scores used as for and against goals if you like. Anyway I have only just last few days started the site with two leagues added just so ppl can see the type of layout with a few rules added for each. Can you please forward this mail onto as many clans as possible and get your members to join the site(adding your clan tag infront aswell please like= -=[FM]=-FishCaKe) I hope to hear from you and your clan asap to help get us underway.

Thank you for your time.

Site and league admin



EoD and FH are being looked into very much to start up. And we have allmost got a full sponsorship deal from an ISP in the UK

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2nd October 2003

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#2 14 years ago

IMO, FH is too incomplete currently to be considered for a clan game. Dunno what 0.6 is gonna be like, but i doubt that it will be ready even then (but i do expect 0.6 to be amazing with a complete overhaul to balance). So FH needs time to mature (age-wise), IMO



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8th June 2003

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#3 14 years ago

If you want to play Forgotten Hope with real Teamwork, new maps, units not included in any other maps, and more.

Check out

Battle for Europe - World at War A BF1942-FH Tournament.

In tomorrows's battle for example we are playing an edited version of Rabaul as the 22nd Royal Navy Battlegroup is attacking the Axis Armeegruppe Bär in New Guinea.

The map includes Dice's PT Boats (from philipine invasion, as FH has none yet) and it also includes DUKWs (amphibious landing craft).

Sign up today to be part of the war.