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27th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Guys you have set your standards very high! , this mod has really impressed me but I fear that second album syndrome, ok there are a few bugs that need ironing out, plane flight path (I think this only occurs when the pilot loses it any way :) ) , the atlantic map for me is virtually unplayable and finally I don't like the hovering moveable artillery, but other than that the mod is superb.

For the first time I feel the game actually rewards team play rather than the usual rush and die syndrome.

However, the next update will be critical (ignoring any Hot fix updates ) let me give you my opinion, for what its worth

1. Don't retreat on any of your realism settings , the load outs are great ,I love the one hit kill setting (though this isn't quite the case which debunks the moaners, people will have to learn that if you stand up in the open you will get killed). I don't know whether you modified the Tank v Tank settings but its very satisfying to know that if you sit in front of a Tiger in a T34/76 you are gonner get fried (even if I am in the 76!) and even more that your shell is goner bounce off! For me this is taken to near perfection on crete (those damn matildas!)

2. Don't change any settings on snipers (don't get me wrong I have played them alot but they ruin maps like omaha etc) I think your solution is brilliant, a nice balance

3.Maps, we need more maps, always more maps ! The new ones are great, shame some of the best aren't single player, but these are just a tease for more (like say the battle at Overloon, Holland or some of the late war eastern front conflicts in Hungary and Vienna )

4. I need to drive an Elefant!

5. France would be a great coiuntry to add next , those early tank engagements are just as great as being in a Tiger

6. Having said that you have yet to state you are modeling a Jagd Tiger :(

7. And all this by next weekend please

The key to this is not about realism ( which makes some people reach for their gun ) but team play, and funny enough the more realistic you make it, the more it forces people to play as a team, one day to wonder off in a tank with out waiting for infantry support will seem as daft as people queuing up waiting for a plane then moaning about newbies when they lose the game

And finally take no greater credit then knowing that this weekend I purchased Secret weapons and downloaded FH and throughly regret wasting my money.


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27th April 2003

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#2 17 years ago
JG4007. And all this by next weekend please

Take it easy :D Thanks a lot. Working ;)