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15th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

What a great mod, and the greatest thing is that unlike vanilla BF servers there's less of a concentration of useless newbies hanging about :D Actually experienced the closest thing to real teamwork i've ever had when playing today. It was crete, and the game had just started, playing as a german anti tank man, one of the transport planes had a pilot, and he was actually waiting for people to get in, which was a change in itself. Anyway I climbed aboard with 3 others and we took off and flew towards enemy territory. We parachuted out just south of the flag next to the sunken ship, all 4 of us meeting up together once on the ground. We then approached the village, where there was a matilda II waiting for us... luckily he didn't spot us until it was too late and I got into position and took him out with my panzershcreck. The first threat overcome, we started making for the flag, but then another matilda came up behind us, and two of the squad were blown away, quite upsetting seeing their bodies flying through the air.. Anyway me and my remaining teammate made a dash for the nearest house, and luckily managed to escape out a back window and into the hills beyond, ready to fight another day. All very exciting, and one of the best BF experiences I've ever had. Great mod though, really good work you've done, can't wait til you get El Alemein fixed for online play, tried it out SP and some fantastic vehicles! Also looking forward to Universal Carriers.. next patch? Harry