Has FH missed the boat? -1 reply

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6th October 2003

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#71 16 years ago

ArminAceohioan ... our mod crew isnt really big ... at least the amount of man who can spend all their leisure time in a mod

so it takes longer for us to work on the next version

Sorry for being an asshole then. I'm trying to keep nice and quiet lately in hopes that I don't get banned before I can give you 4 pages of feedback on .6.



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13th May 2003

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#72 16 years ago
Lobo(I am till the cojones, impossible to translate this in english))


lobo is right, let them work in peace. They need some feedback


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14th November 2003

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#73 16 years ago

On behalf of WaW I'd like to say Dangerous does not speak for the majority....

Most of us love FH, and in our next campaign we will be fixing a lot of the balancing issues and in our own minimod will be adding in some new vehicles/guns/planes too.

FH is an Alpha release, BFE-WaW was in 'Beta' mode since the start in Jan '03 now with FH we are back to ironing out all of the map and equipment imbalances again. Its a learning experience for us all and I for one am very happy with it.

BFE-WaW will be sticking with FH for the forseeable future.


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24th January 2004

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#74 16 years ago
'[CNIOhioan']and a BF109 vs. 2 Spitfires.

If you are talking WaW 6 battle of Crusader, you're just talking tosh and making stuff up now. There was only 1 Spitfire, and it was the 20mm Cannon MkV wannabe, which takes an entire gridspace to turn. If you don't like BFE, it's your opinion, but don't lie to make yourself look valid.


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27th April 2003

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#75 16 years ago

***Moderation Mode*** Thread closed due to flaming. Dangerous and Roger, consider yourselves warned. ***Thread Closed***