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3rd September 2003

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#11 17 years ago

more and more, we see PC being able to do as much as a MAC when it comes to video.

on PC, there's 3 programs i know for video editing that do a damn great job (and when you combine them, its even better)

Adobe After Effects (awesome to create special effects and manipulate the videos) Adobe Premiere (pretty good to put the video together, its quick, and simple)

Discreet Combustion (didn't really have the time to try it yet, but its kinda like after effects, i think the particule editor in combustion is better then the one in after effects.)

Anyway, hope you have a shit load of RAM, cuz video editing need shitload of ram and free disc space.

the more you have, the better it is :)

hope it help you a lil bit heh

anyway, i was wondering, since i want to try to do a video for BF1942 (just dont know how to record), any suggestions of a good program to record??? and is there a command in BF!942 to remove the crosshair and the stats bars???

thanks guys

P.S: if you dont understand what i just said, its because im french hehe

oh and for you who thinks MAC Still own the design scene, well the PC take a lot of place now since Flash work really badly on a mac, but works damn fine on a PC.

The only advantage of using a MAC is that you are able to use Final Cut Pro, which is one hell of a video editing program, but i think after effects is as good as final cut.

All peoples i know that are graphic designer, like myself, use a PC simply cuz there's a difference of $3000 between a PC and a MAC, and the performance are really the same on both.


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24th September 2003

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#12 17 years ago

I have a movie editor but uou can't down load it anywere but it is a really good editor it is called dazzle* or it's made by dazzle* or something like that it costs a woppong $300.00 for the DVC 200 but like I said its worth it !!!

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