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#1 17 years ago

Okay, this is starting to boggle me. Modders make 'server-only patches' but then make them .exe's? Do you forget that most servers are unix based? Ive tried to keep a dedicated FH server up 24/7 but keeping up with the patches makes having a current version quite tricky - I cannot fetch a zip or tar, extract on the server, and get back online. Instead, i must download on my cable, make that zip, and upload at my horrifying 9kB/s - This makes upgrading a server a project that requires hours! Please, package makers, consider us lowly unix geeks, and make your 'server-only' files zips, tars, or something else thats multi-platform. Thanks.

Ps: Any server admins out there with a tarfile? My upload will take another 1-2 hours from home.