IMPORTANT: Skinner positions open (1-2) -1 reply

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25th April 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Hey there guys! Unfortunately, some skinners left us because of private reasons (family, job) We would need dedicated people who are able to skin with high quality and have enough time to work in FH. Best would be if the skinner could do texture unwrapping, (meshing/uvwmapping) too, but its not as important as good skinning talent.

You shouldnt be working on another mod. You should be able to produce high quality skins You should be dedicated and able to work in a team.

If you think you meet these requirements or know someone who does, contact me on icq: 65454500 or msnmessenger/email: [email][/email]

This wont delay 0.6, but its important for 0.7.. so anyone who can help us, or who would search for a good skinner / knows one. Plz contact me.

Thx, AceS