M3a1 and M1 Carbine Fixes Needed -1 reply

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9th February 2003

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#1 14 years ago

First off, carbine range. Ingame, with one or two M3a1 shots, you can get a kill in guadalcanal, from the top of the hill by the japanese airfield to the airfield itself(one of my favorite tactics). However, at ranges like that the carbine takes many more shots.

The M3a1 had an effective range of 55 yards. The M1 Carbine, 300 yards in contrast. At longer ranges, the carbine was much stronger, comparing it to pistol round firing guns. The bullet damages should stay the same, but the carbine bullets lose power too fast over range.

Second, the Greasegun has a RPM of 350-450, while in the game, its at 402. Im sure its a compromise, but in reality, it would be better for it to be at 450, to put away some of the misconceptions of it versus say the thompson. It would be nicer, as well as more realistic.

Third, the M3a1 is too big ;)