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20th July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Here's my Idea for an [COLOR=red]Intro movie[/COLOR] for my [COLOR=red]Great War: American Front[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]mod [/COLOR]if i can find someone to do it

[COLOR=black]1. grey-black screen w/ clicks and whitenoise [/COLOR][COLOR=red](confederate blackface silent black-&-white movie)[/COLOR] 2. On black backround approved by Confederate states film committee (piano music start) 3.Give name of Black-face actor (something like G. Howe Black) in big white letters(start commical piano music) 4.Give name of movie on blackface actor sleeping under something like a watermellon(since its a southern movie it needs to be ignorant to show the racisim of the CSA) 6.have farmer walk out with shot gun and shoot watermellon 7.watermellon explodes and black face wakes up face runs chased by farmer face jumps over fence while farmer gets stuck 10.blackface runs off with camera view on his back 11.[COLOR=red]Film Suddenly runs out[/COLOR] 12.brief period of all white the then #13. starts up in color 13.view on soldiers feet marching through town w/ camera focus on one location 14.Confederates pushing artillery 15.US Ironclad far in a Great Lake 16.Soldiers run into trench w/ view from behind 17.CS Biplane Flies-view from immediatly above the plane moving back toward pilot 18.Ironclad fires 19.2 artillery fire in sequence 20.Washington D.C. shelled 21.US fire machine gun 22.US infantry fires at sky(bi-plane) 23.Explosion 24.All white 25.The Great War:American Front fades in [COLOR=red]Give me feed back on this- the oppening movie before #11 is maliable but must reflect southern ignorance and it must be silent, & black & white (Lincoln getting booted out of washington by a mob after losing the election of 1864 is an idea)[/COLOR]