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13th May 2003

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#31 16 years ago

he is right :D


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27th April 2003

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#32 16 years ago

McGibsYeh, infantry own 88s quite good.

1: the 88 gunner has a veeeery tiny window to look through, so its really hard to see flanking infantry 2: it has a slow rof 3: the truck can take damage from a few infantry weapons (mg's, nades, stuff like that)

As for berlin outskirts being unbalenced, i'm not to sure about that. Its a very balanced map, its just the russians can only really use one tactic to win (its a narrow map, so you gotta engange the 88s in the trenches no matter what)

and thats to bombard the CRAP out of the trenches with arty (rockets and howies) and hopefully knock out the 88s that way, or do a 5 or 6 tank rush and pick off the 88s as you see thier muzzle flashes. I'm sure people will figure this out soon enough.

One t34 coming over the hill is 100% going to die if the 88s are manned. 5 t34s coming over the hill, 3 or 4 of them will 100% die :p but so do the 88s. Then the russians can roll in and start the long and nasty infantry trench battle. After the 88s are gone and the russians have a foothold in the trenches, the tanks are prety much useless. They cant fight trench battles, and they just get killed by fausts.

and after that the russkies PPSH 41 ownz the Germans in the TrencheS!!! yea!


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26th October 2003

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#33 16 years ago

He will be :P


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19th November 2003

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#34 16 years ago

sounds sooo sweet, dissapointed with the old brit tank skins, as offence...they suck.

ppsh ownz :)