My quick bug i found in FH 0.6 -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

Saipan Map: the ship and boat in this map spawn invisible then u go in third person view and from the side u can see them appear... and u can jump in those even if they are invisible and they often spawn very damaged...

And would be cool to be able to take back the pickable mg42 once u put them on the ground...

STG44 Should be more accurate or powerful i think.

Rifle Reloads way too fast.

Orel Map and may be others: Tiger machine gun we dont hear it.

Coral Sea: Plane are so badly placed on the ship that everyone move in others and everyone keep dying, when i was playing like everybody was able to fly off the ship 1/4 or less lol, and allies often they spawn on the elevator so when its lowered they spawn and fall in the hole and die. + almost nobody incluing me doesnt know how to use elevator, i tryed all button on my keyboard when i was in the place for controling elevator and it didnt worked...

A Shortcut to launch Forgotten Hope and without the gay start movies that takes 15sec to skip.

Forgotten Hope site is almost never working since the release of 0.6, wtf ?