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19th November 2003

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#91 16 years ago

Gamthen1.They would launch it, and when the speed was good enough the SCRAM jets would activate, then it would skim along the atmosphere to New York, and drop it's free falling 8000lb bomb, never heard of it doing a kamikaze.

3. The V3 was a big mortar, dunno why it would be classified as a V3.

The project was cancelled in 36 because the head of the Luftwaffe wanted to stick to proven technology.Then it was reinstated late in the war.

well...I dunno all the technicals, and what they were called. I havent seen the program since 2 months ago, so dont expect me to remember everything lol.

I know one was based a Peenemunde, and that in 1945 a race between the russians and the americans was on to be the first to grab the german A-bomb blueprints/documents/whatever you want to call it.

all the 3 projects had Jewish workers from the concentration camps working on them, and the reason the rocket veriation didnt even get off the ground, well it did..but only 300ft before it did a loop the loop and came straight back down...was because the Jewish workers actualy PISSED on the delicate circuits, it acted like an acid and erroded all the electrical systems.

as for the kamakazie, the pilot had a chute, but he'd only land in a radiactive and potentialy lethal New York if the bombing succeeded.


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4th November 2003

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#92 16 years ago real pictures of it doesn´t exist IMO, there are several shots of the beton-cupola and some shematics how it should have worked... :/


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3rd October 2003

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#93 16 years ago
BAMmeuhey got any pictures on that big mortar :)?

only an illustration


and an looooong article in german about this weapon.


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5th October 2003

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#94 16 years ago

That isnt a long article....too bad I dont understand a word of it.........but from what I see, that is one great mortar....