Noob no no's, or what NOT to do playing FH -1 reply

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1st December 2003

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#1 17 years ago

A Few Noob no-no's...

1. Dont Run in front of a Firing Weapon. You wouldn't do this is IRL would you?

2. Dont Run in front of a Moving Tank or Vehicle. Unless your trying to hitch a ride. You wouldn't do this is IRL would you? Maybe you would noob.

3. Dont be an Jerk and then complain about being run over, ftk if it was you being a NOOB. There are bad drivers out there, just like IRL. Learn to honk the horn if there is one.

4. Learn what F#$@ the ftk is and how to do it. This is a sure sign of a noob. Un-noob yourself and learn how to play the game.

5. Learn what the "console" is and how to get to it. It is the tilde key "~", usually just below the escape key. Use the shift key and press this to get in the console. Then you can type "ftk" or many other commands that are available.

6. If you weren't the one who originally took the vehicle, then don't steal it when the driver gets out to repair it. Cover your teammate while he repairs the vehicle and then go destroy some stuff. Many vehicles are truly a team effort. Work together to use them. Stealing should warrant a ban.

7. Don't be a stupid noob and shoot at vehicles/people when you want something. You are being an ass and the worst kind of noob. Learn to use the voice commands or get on team speak. Wounding your team mates/vehicles on purpose should warrant a ban. Learn how to play the game.

8. Just in case you didn't get #6, this pertains to moveable artillery. If someone has gotten in a Wespe or Katyusha before you and is in the driver position. That person has ownership of the vehicle. It is not yours, so if they ask you to get out, do so.

9. If you don't know what a Wespe or Katyusha is, learn some of the names of the weapons, it will help you be a better player.

10. There are things on the ground that can kill you. Mines and explosives. Pay attention when operating a vehicle. It could be the enemy or a team mate that has placed them. If you are placing mines, be smart about it and think before placing them in a path that your team will use as an assault route.

11. If you are an engineer. Repair your teams vehicles. That is what the wrench is for. You can repair almost anything and your team mates will love you for it. That is a key function of the engineer.

12. Many vehicles and weapons have added functionality in FH that BF1942 does not have. For example, the APC's on some maps can lay many mines by pressing "fire", most can place fixed MG positions, some fixed artillery positions can fire different types of rounds. If you don't know how to use it or are un-sure, just ask. The friendly FH veterans you are playing with will be most happy to help you out. (HA!)

13. FH is more team oriented than vanilla BF1942 because different weapons and classes have completely different uses. To get the most out of them play as a team.



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1st December 2003

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#2 17 years ago

And I vote for a Sticky..



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29th December 2003

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#3 17 years ago

play in a team think about how to atack the enemy on the map AND !!! DONĀ“T RUN INTO STARTING AIRPLANES ON THE CARRIER DECK :furious:


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20th August 2003

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#4 17 years ago

Judging by that lengthy explanation of the "ftk" function you are sure missing alot of shots ;)


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24th January 2004

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#5 17 years ago

It could be a bit more friendly/polite to warrant a Sticky, it's rather stereotypically "anti noob" at the moment.


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17th December 2003

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#6 17 years ago

Don't shoot people or vehicles for no reason. In fact, don't shoot at all for no reason. It's annoying and is a bad habit.

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24th September 2003

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#7 17 years ago

If your going to sticky this could you add one thing, most important of all IMHO.

Thats to respect the server rules your playing on. The server owners pay a great deal of money so YOU can play this game, BF or FH or DC, whatever your tastes and also respect the admins on those servers as they, at times spend there own free time making sure upto 63 other people can have fun without the annoyance of people who set out to disrupt and prevent you all having fun.


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5th October 2003

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#8 17 years ago

"some fixed artillery positions can fire different types of rounds." I have asked this a hundred the hell do you switch ammo in 88s......but do I get a reply...NO...NONE.....Zitch...nothing.....So can someone please explain to me......

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28th May 2003

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#9 17 years ago

This is about players that too eagerly blame others for their own stupid behaviour.

When you decide to perform actions that require friendly units to check their minimaps before firing on enemy units or positions, you are the one that is to blame if you are killed by FF.

Checking a minimap is meant when you are in doubt a unit in the distance is a freind or foe, because you cannot tell from the silhouette or nametag. When you are not sure you are required within reason to check that on the minimap.

The minimap is not meant when you see an enemy vehicle to doubt wether that really is an enemy.

That would rob you of quick repsonse 98 % of all the time when you run into real enemy units. Every person with some degree of intellegence must agree it is unreasonable to ask every player must delay his fire on every enemy vehicle to check his minimap first, and risk being destroyed by that delay only because a minority of players like to steal enemy equipment......something that is unrealistic ( no common soldier just instant is able to operate an enemy tank or aircraft ) and forces the enemy to camp in their own base, instead fighting in the map for flags......else their vehicles are stolen. It ruins the game.

Players that are in enemy vehicles willingly and knowingly risk receiving FF. Therefore it is their responsiblilty avoid receiving FF, not the freindlies that are firing on that enemy vehicle having to check their minimap when they are not in doubt that is an enemy vehicle.....

Players that run into an artillery barrage on an enemy position are to blame themselves too when they are killed. Before advancing on an area that is already covered in large artillery explosions it is only common sense to ask the gunners stop firing, instead of automaticly asuming the gunners will notice your little arrow on the minimap when they are very busy adjusting their fire due to recoil, vehicle movement or ranging shots....

Other TK situations, wehter it is questionable the TK'ed player is not to blame himself :

- Being killed on board an enemy ship or carrier, usually from friendly aircraft strafing/bombing the deck or friendly ships sinking them.

- Being killed inside an enemy main base, usually from friendly aircraft strafing/bombing or tank/artillery fire.

- Infantry being caught in the explosion on destruction of an enemy tank, by a friendly tank or aircraft. When you are a player that likes to attack tanks by expacking them, or bunnyhop around them with an AT weapon you willingly and knowingly are too close to be safe when it suddenly explodes when someone else attacked it with succes.

- Players that are running on, or blocking airfields landingstrips with a vehicle, and getting hit by planes making a reloading pass ( or landing/taking off, taxiing to reapair hangar ) Landingstrips are for aircraft.....

In all above situations :

IF it was real life you would be killed too, and considered a mentally fucked up soldier for being there/doing that !! so don't even consider trying to explain doing such stuff is reasonable in a realism game.

The only TK i regret and really see as avoidable and unessesary, is killing a friendly soldier or unit that is recognisable as such in the game enviroment.

Don't they in real life shoot soldiers not recognisable as enemies in wartime as spies ?

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28th October 2003

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#10 17 years ago

Some more suggestions for new players.

Grenades aren't candy, and tanks aren't in it for the lolly-scrambles. Don't throw grenades at a tank unless it's already on fire. Leave tanks for the tank killers; other tanks and AT soldiers. You'll save yourself some teamkills this way.

If there's a sniper hiding under a bush sniping, don't lie down next to them with an MG42 and start shooting too. It's all about concealment.

Fighters give way to bombers; always.

If you're being spawn-raped, don't complain about it. DO something about it. After all, it is the fault of your team in the first place.

Check the map regularly; if you're a sniper, you should be aware that the enemy team have taken all of the flags and are now hunting YOU.

If you're the last player alive and your side is capped out; discretion is the better part of valour. Too many times has a team berated it's sniper for stopping to take a pot shot at an enemy when they're the last and about to cap a flag.

Running across an airfield will get you killed. Run AROUND the airfield where there's cover.

If you see a tank on your team rolling along, call out 'wait' and either get in or run along with it. You'll do better with its support and it'll do better with yours.

Learn how to fly before joining a public game. Nothing annoys your team more than you camping for planes, taking them and then flying them into the ground only to repeat the process. And for heaven's sake, don't say "OLOLOL!1!! Im jst learnng to fly!!!1!"

Flying at a low and flat trajectory when you're doing anything OTHER than torpedoing a ship will get you killed, especially as the lower you are, the harder it is to bail safely. Learn to climb. Altitude = life.

Rifle grenades will kill planes flying nice and low. Practise it sometime.

Using the vote function to get everyone to kick the highest scoring player on the server is just plain silly. Don't.

Some people might actually like the map that the server just changed to. Voting for 'Liberation of Caen' constantly is just going to piss people off.

Saying "Everyone press 7" is the best way to make everyone press 8.

For the snipers: If you see an enemy hiding behind something put your crosshair over him. If his tag shows up then you can hit him. If it doesn't then BF's crappy 3D engine is getting in the way and you won't be able to shoot him. Wait for him to move so that his tag shows.