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7th August 2003

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#31 15 years ago

Can anyone do that?? Also, how can I be sure though that it works with everyone's setup - wouldn't want to give FH a bad name by screwing it up ;)

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22nd November 2003

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#32 15 years ago

Haha, I tried divebombing in vanilla BF with a stuka and crashed right into the ground... The flight model in FH is SO much better. You can actually divebomb with a divebomber. I have so much success with diving that I took external screenshots while diving and used them as a How-to for my 3rd Reich project. My teacher loved it. He wants to get Fh to work SO BAD now. Also, it's good to not be Pwned by some 133T flyer with 30 bombs. Instead, I'm pwned by their strafing. Much better IMO =)