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9th December 2003

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#11 17 years ago

hehe, i found it too (too bad that lightning dropped a hint after i told him that i knew the coordinates of the scoped STG44. Made my search a little easier :( . Thanks lightning for ruining my search! hehe j/k. I'm sure that there are more hidden weapons... guess that I will just have to waste my day tommorow search for them! hehe

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7th July 2003

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#12 17 years ago

I think the scoped stg44 is called the stg44 zf and it could also carry a night vision acope :cool:



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26th June 2003

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#13 17 years ago

MG42ManiacOn the subject of pick up kits....

Anyone found the scoped STG44 yet? Armin told me it was in there on MSN yesterday i spent like 30 mins looking for it but have yet to find it.:(

Man, that avatar is so gay.


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13th January 2004

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#14 17 years ago
TommyGunDalianiMan, that avatar is so gay.



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14th February 2004

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#15 17 years ago

oooo that scoped stg44! i think it would look a lot cooler if you guys put the scope from the g43zf4 sniper in SWoWW2! ill post a pic m'kay mp44zf4.jpgthe scope looks like the one from SW on the G43 ya think? o well you guys have done a nice job on everything!


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20th May 2003

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#16 17 years ago

That's a Zf-4 scope on that STG-44, it was the default G-43 scope of 44-45.


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5th October 2003

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#17 17 years ago

Call me stupid, but why does every cool weapon have to be hidden from view. I mean it takes ages to find a deployable machinegun, snipers are more common, but that stuff.....why even add it if the possibility of finding them is very small.

P.S. MG's avatar is not gay at all......


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30th November 2003

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#18 17 years ago

The Mors SMG is a really nice weapon: mors1.jpg mors2.jpg


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21st December 2002

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#19 17 years ago

well matyast....

this makes the weapons m,ore unique on a bf because they where not as common as other weapons

and if gives also the experienced FH players an advantage

but in 0.62 you will find a few more kits in some maps hrhr ;)


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27th December 2003

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#20 17 years ago

I found the Stg-44 zf in 6 minutes. Lack of imagination, devs? :D