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28th May 2003

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#31 16 years ago

And i say let the 10 planecampers that are doing nothing usefull on the flight deck defend the carrier or operate that lift to help their team mates get airborne...

If they rather TK then help each other, and not defend the carrier they will have a nice refreshing swim.....then they will learn, or leave the mod saying it sucks. But then again they were probably not the player group FH is aiming at.

The carrier FLAK is capable enough if manned to destroy attacking divebombers and fighters without needing help. Torpedobomber pilots that know what they are doing are more dangerous, the carrier based fighter should actively search and destroy enemy torpedo bombers first as they can launch torpedo's at fog range and still sink the carrier.

One destroyer is always needed to protect the carrier from enemy subs, destroyers and PT boats if there are any in the map. If the friendly sub captain knows the HUD 0 command, a friendly sub is enough too, to protect the carrier from enemy subs.....since it then can hunt underwater subs too. But if there are battleships the sub is the best weapon to attack battleships, besides a friendly battleship so it should be out hunting in the map.

If an enemy battleship appears near a friendly carrier, a lot of players screwed up.... :rolleyes:

It would be nice if those now mock up cannon turrets actually are functional, increases defence if jappanese destroyers, PT boats or surfaced subs show up, so it is almost self supporting in defence.

Then again better not tie those cannon turrets to driver position, or you will have players using the carrier as a battleship.....if they are not tied to driver position, they will be usefull for defence.


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16th September 2002

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#32 16 years ago

Actually, against PT boats, most ship guns are worthless because they don't lower far enough to fire. Lacking in any kind of crosshair or gun sight, aiming with heavy cannons on the ships is more of a guessing game. Unless you want to put tape on your monitor and dot it, I guess.

As for the plane campers, we deal with them where I play (and admin), and eventually kick them, but it just seems like unnecessary trouble for the sake of a "Wow! Neat!" that wears off after the novelty's gone. The only thing that the elevator does is provide a protected housing for two fighters who may just as likely explode trying to get off the carrier in the first place. Aside from that, it's more of a hindrance than anything.

Defending a carrier is a cakewalk if you're good in the AA and bother to man it. The deck guns on the Hornet would be useful, but only in a limited sense. They wouldn't be so great vs. planes, but might work SOMEWHAT vs. cruisers at long range. I think you'd need the carrier riding lower in the water to bring them to bear effectively, though.