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21st August 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Just wondering if you guys had any plans on making a Point du Hoc map? I know I can sometimes bash Americans, but they really kicked butt there on D-day. I visited Point du Hoc while in France this past summer and must say I was really shocked. To this day, 60 years later, the landscape is littered with craters. When visiting this site, you really have to feel sorry for the those German Soldiers. Take a look.


Anyways, it seems like it would be a good objective style map. Point Du Hoc was were the Germans had set up anti ship guns atop a high cliff looking over the english channel. On D-day, American Rangers scaled the cliff using ladders, while the allied battleships rained death on the Germans. Their objective was to capture the Cliff and destroy the guns, which they did, but at a very high cost in lives. The objective could be to take out the guns.

If anything, else, I recommend visiting this site in person if you have a chance. When you see the cratered landscape and 5 foot thick concrete bunkers blown apart like a bunch of soda cans, then you can almost understand the chaos of war.