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8th August 2003

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#51 16 years ago

MG42ManiacI went to Axis so I could kick your ass, and I must say i did enjoy it.

okiN was there towards the end when thanks to my flying any allied armour that moved was blown to bits and we ended up pinning then in the bay and then I left. So he can verify that i got a 30+ score with 1 death and unleashed much ownage upon the allied team.

uhh you weren't "owning" him unless you were on the ground fighting too. Dropping a bomb from ur plane isn't exactly taking him one on one now is it.

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25th July 2003

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#52 16 years ago


nuff said

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28th May 2003

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#53 16 years ago

Wait untill the new flight model is is likely a post from his hand is complaining "why did you make aircraft suck so bad" instead of reports of his "ownage" :p

Also players that like to switch to the strongest best equipped team and think they own, will have a problem when FH gets more complete and more vehicles are added i think. I heard a lot of them are placeholders, so owning the other team with them might end quitte abruptly with each new release.

I guess you better learn to rely on your skills then on a specific vehicle that is beta and can be changed or removed.


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29th April 2003

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#54 16 years ago

IMO anyone that flies into a hangar should die. Its a realism mod. You land, and taxi into hangars. Planes shouldn't even be fixed unless you sit in a hangar for a while, and then only if some teammates actually decide to help you out.