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16th July 2003

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#91 17 years ago
TommyGunDalianii say canadian army is not shit and trys to make it look like they played such a big deal in ww2.

Reading your post I am reminded of an old saying "It is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Canadians were instrumental in the Italian Campaign

Canadians made up 85% of the troops at Dieppe

Canadians had their own beachhead on D-Day and were the only group that captured all their objectives on day 1

Canadians Made up 1/2 of the forces at the Battle of Falaise Gap.

Canadians were instrumental in defending Ceylon in WW2.

Canadians made up 25% of the pilots who defended Malta

Canadians were instrumental in the Liberation of Holland

Canadians were instrumental in clearing the Scheldt Estuary so the Port of Antwerp could be used to supply the Allies.

By 1944, a quarter of what is usually referred to as the British bomber offensive over Europe was actually Canadian.

"The Canadians have proved themselves magnificent fighters. Clearing the Scheldt was a job that could have been done only by first-rate troops. Second-rate troops would have failed."

Field-Marshal Bernard Montgomery, top British officer and second-in-command of the Allied forces in Europe


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20th December 2003

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#92 17 years ago

Great research Manik. Although we weren't a huge fighting force, we did do alot to help our allies... All we're looking for is a little respect.

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8th February 2003

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#93 17 years ago

Canadians were good, and helped, but I think there are plenty of more important things that should get in before them... I would think a Betio map, a series of torch maps, some maps in greece, some italians in russia maps, some D-day paratrooper maps, and more...


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#94 16 years ago
simo_03actuallt sorry, Anlushac11 is right the war did start in 1st September 1939, but war was declared on germany by england and france on the 3rd of September.

Quite correct guys, 1/09/39 was the date Germany invaded Poland, 3/09/39 was the date Britain & France declared war upon Germany, on the same date Australia & New Zealand also declared war upon Germany in line with HM Govt declaration, (to be specific the announcement was made in parliament at 2115 and issued to the public at 2225, according to Commonwealth Archives). ANZAC forces serving in UK units, (army navy & airforce, commenced operational service on same date as UK forces) and on 9/01/40 the first contingent of the 2nd AIF was despatched overseas, (6th Div 2nd AIF) RAN & RAAF units were sent earlier but I'm not certain of the dates & times Singapore received Australian forces effective 19/02/41, these were probably CMF units.


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18th June 2003

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#95 16 years ago

Christ, I dont know whether to yawn or sigh.

I'll go for both *yawnsigh*

this close people... _this_ close...