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27th April 2003

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#41 16 years ago

Beast of WarBut you can !

It is actually very fashionable in the middle east...really...


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23rd September 2003

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#42 16 years ago

Cause the government told a lot of bs about what Americans would do to them if they were captured. Especially to civilians. Told them we would eat their children. Go figure. Delicious.

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19th May 2003

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#43 16 years ago

Beast of War

I did read somewhere they had a really large sea battle, at the scale of what happened at the terrible seabattle of Jutland in WWI. This was before WWII that i know of. [/QUOTE]

Tsushima 1905, the biggest sea battle since Trafalgar....and the most one-sided. The whole Russian Baltic Fleet was annihilated after having travelled around the globe. Important too, since it had a great effect upon warship design, and was a main reason for that famous uprising aboard the battleship Potyemkin.

[QUOTE=Beast of War] I once saw a warmovie too (those "strange" non european foreign movies german tv stations used to broadcast after midnight ) about a russian fortified seaport stormed by thousands of jappanese troops. D-day, however terrible looked like a walk in the park compared to this battle. Wave after wave of thousands of japanese infantry were send in, cut down and another human wave of thousands followed, climbing over a growing mountain of dead bodies.....the scale of it all was unbelievable. And they did not even take that fortified port if i remember seems to have happend for real, but i don't remember the name of that battle.

never seen that movie, but it was probably about Port Arthur, another battle in the war of 1904-05, in fact the russian possesion of that harbour was the main reason for japanese aggression.


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4th October 2003

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#44 16 years ago

On the Hailar map I have seen the Japanese win IF they are able to use a modicum in tactics defending both the bases with mines and panzerschrecks.

BTW, on the question of realism, the Japanese having Panzerschrecks is way ahistorical. The Japanese had no real effective anti-tank weapons, even their AT-guns most of time bounced off the T-34s, not to mention the late-war Soviet tanks. Obviously they had no bazooka/panzerfaust-style weapons. Indeed, the chief desperate measure to deal with Soviet tanks in 45 was to suicide bomb them, infantry loaded with explosives throwing themselves under tanks as mentioned in this thread. Would be great if the Jap Anti-Tank class in Hailar was equipped like this!

But of course, such a change may perhaps make the map too unbalanced for some, the Soviets should win most of the time. Perhaps adding a bit more tickets to the Japanese to compensate for the suicide bombing could make it interesting. Hailar should also sport a couple of defensive AT-guns (though weak) in fixed positions to even out matters a bit.