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10th November 2003

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#41 16 years ago
threads whose subject involves XWW2 in the first place.

God its like trying to talk to a rabbit,

This thread has nothing to do with XWW2, you came up out of nowhere and said, " play bocage on an XWW2 2.4 server and say it doesn't!" this was unnnecessary, you could have merely said, Teamplay increases realism, BUT you had to say XWW2 ,on the FH fourms, This cauld be considered a mild form of advertising. People who say stuff about BG are usually reccomending it to people who want to turn FH into a balance mod and have no affiliation with it. Don't say that I don't know what I'm talking about, I read over my posts before I post them, you know, so I don't sound like an arrogant idiot. I have no problem with XWW2, its a good mod, but dont pimp it every chance you get OK? Almost everyone knows you as the XWW2 guy and its getting annoying when almost every post of yours has something about it.

But about the topic, teamplay and realism go hand-in-hand, obviously gameplay VS realism wouldhave been a much better poll, but either way, realism gets my vote.

Machony Leeoun

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7th October 2003

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#42 16 years ago

Getting annoying?! You know what's annoying is you think that me defending XWW2 against bashing is whoring it! It isn't advertising because I'm saying download it or go somewhere, I'm just sharing my fucking opinion in threads the were already talking about XWW2 in the fucking first place. I reply to alot of threads here without ever even mentioning XWW2 and I have as much right to be here as any of you. You talking down to me and trying to accuse me of advertising the mod because I used XWW2's bocage as an example of realism increasing teamplay (which is a great example because if you ever have played it, it really does), even though it goes with the subject of the thread. So shut your fucking mouth next time.

Roger Waters

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25th July 2003

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#43 16 years ago

This is the stupidest pole i ever heard what a n00b you are Deejay don't you know that realism=teamplay. When you die in one or two shots theres no way you can win without teamplay.

SilenT AssassiN

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9th October 2003

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#44 16 years ago

Roger Waters calm down... calm down *slips sleeping pill into roger's water and loads tranquilizer gun , "now roger take ten steps forward, and dont look back"*


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2nd October 2003

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#45 16 years ago
You know what's annoying is you think that me defending XWW2 against bashing is whoring

Just a note, no one was bashing your mod in this thread so there was no need to "defend" it. I'll leave it at that, I myself haven't noticed you "advertising" it either, just wanted to point this out.


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6th October 2003

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#46 16 years ago
Soldat JakobNo, then Germans would be able to pick off Brits and Yanks from afar....that would be "unfair" to whiney little noobs.

What are you talking about? They'd still have their service rifles. The support weapon would be the only difference.

And anyone who thinks Realism FORCES teamplay should play FH and see exactly why they are wrong. You CANT have realism, you can only have a semblance of realism within the limits of the game. Thus the Realism = teamplay argument is absurd, because FH has neither. XWW2 isn't anywhere close either. I'm not nitpicking about rifle accuracies or something, I'm saying there's a LOT of reality that simply can't be put into BF1942.

Teamplay will be the end product of good servers, and good servers alone. If the Admins kick the n00bs then the team will be happier and eventually all players will learn that attacking in a group of 4 T-34s against the Tiger works a LOT better then attacking 4 times in groups of 1. FH will be partially-realistic and it will be good, but it will never have completely realistic gameplay. And that's why I push some non-realistic things, so that we who are playing this game dont have to be annoyed by realistic inbalances when a few numbers could be slightly altered to give the game a better flow.