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24th October 2003

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#21 17 years ago

I agree as well. Right now my map team at WAW is converting a lot of maps we have to FH and in the process we are looking at decreasing the bleed rate. Then you also have the option to increase the tickets Total tickets being determined by an equation which I don't remember off hand based on some numbers in a con file, the number of players the server is set to and the % ticket settings of the server.

But you can not always just increase the tickets on a map. If you just increase the tickets to lengthen the game, then you can make death tickets meaningless. And it also depends on the map. If there is an even number of cappable CPs (ie. there is the possibility of neither side bleeding) then a high ticket count can make for a long, drawn out, battles that drag on forever! Any veteran of WAW4 Baytown can attest to this one... 2 hour rounds with a full server!!! And piles of bodies on the middle island as the bombers swept down like angles of death!

On odd CP maps, you have to take into account that one team will be bleeding the majority of the match.

So what you want is enough bleed that you have to worry taking/holding ground, that is set up right in terms of rate and number of tickets to make organizing a counter attack feasible, and low enough tickets that deaths can count and the round will not stagnat.

And it is a tricky balance to reach. And one that is different for each map.

But, FWIW, to try out some things, tomorrow when we re-pub our server ( after todays battle; I'll bump up the ticket % and see how that goes. Right now it is set to 150%; which is SOP for WAW battles. I'll try 200% and see how that works. Also, I'll set the round limits for each map to 3 instead of 2 and the initial round start time to 60 seconds.




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31st October 2003

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#22 17 years ago


KommisarIf you just increase the tickets to lengthen the game, then you can make death tickets meaningless.

And that's exactly what I'm sayin. If you just increase the tickets it won't change the pace of the game cuz dying will mean nothing, and so you'll continue to see people charging the flags in hopes that if 10 get killed, 1 will get through and cap the flag. Not exactly realistic in terms of battlefield action. What I'd like to see is the importance of flags and making it to the flags alive set on an even keel (this is what I've been pushing a few high-ranking members of WaW to do :naughty: ).


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24th October 2003

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#23 17 years ago

Gotta throw in my complete agreement with this!

If ticket bleeds get lowered down, then we can finally spend time being cautious and working together to cap the flags instead of worrying about the match being halfway over by the time we sneak past the evil tiger and the german soldiers gaurding the flag to stealthily cap it.

Hopefully a nice balance can be eventually found though, as it seems some maps drag on forever and others seem over way to fast. This is coming from playing almost only on the WOLF server, so I'm not too sure off the top of my head what settings they're on.

Overall though, ticket bleed reduction would be awesome in the end!!! :D