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#41 16 years ago

raslinThe mustang didn't have a crappy engine, unless you arent referring to the allison...

Also, the british were the ones to first order the P-38's... Then we used em instead, and kicked some serious ass :P

First, there was nothing wrong with the V-1710. That's the "other" engine. The P-51A/A-36 performed very well at low altitude with it. Unforitunately, that's not what the P-51 was supposed to do (but the A-36 was). The failing in that case wasn't because of the enigine, but Allison didn't produce a gear driven supercharger like the Merlin had. Later V-1710's, like the V-1710F-15 were very competitive with the Merlin.

Second, you know nothing about the P-38. The USAAC ordered it prior to the Brits order for the 322. The RAF ordered a "modified" P-38 (no counter-rotating props (RAF's request) and mechanical superchargers (no choice) in July 1941. The USAAC order the P-38 in 1939...first delivery was in 1940. Model 322's, or Lightning I's, were rejected, for the most part, by the RAF and were used by the USAAC for training...

Of are correct about the ass they kicked...especially in the MTO and PTO.

Finally the US operated a Spitfires in fairly decent numbers. The 31st and 52nd FG used them and the Eagle Squdron became the 4th FG. Numbers broke down like this: 44 in 4 FG, 42 in 31 FG, and 37 in 42 FG. That didn't last long. The 4th FG went to P-47's in '43...