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23rd February 2004

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#91 16 years ago
ArminAceyeah, and its also nice that on maps like for example breakthrough if you are in a battle with several tanks on your side and you are in a stug3 you are mostly the lower priority target (only experienced tankers know that a stug is extremly dangerous if an experienced tanker drives it) its so funny ...the cromwells and fireflys take the tiger, panther and p4h around you out and you destroy tank by tank .... anyways the hills, trees & bushes everywhere on this map makes it really easy to hide this stug3 and lay ambush positions .... then your only enemy is the typhoon

Yeah...Stug is fun to use and I've gotten damaged Is2's before..but..it is a little hard to runaway once that tank turns around. Still, I get more pleasure blowing up shermans with my chi-ha from a sneak attack Recently on Iwo Jima I plowed through the americans blowing up a stolen Ha-Go..an amtrack and sherman within 20 seconds...that was a good day, came out unscathed too. Surprise sure makes a difference.


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6th October 2003

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#92 16 years ago

The Stug3 on Breaktrough is a freaking killer! I finally managed to kill it with a Cromwell from afar but that's because then a n00b got it and aimed like crap, lol.

My fav tank?

Hmmm, Stug3 because of its power or the Cromwell because of its speed/power ratio. You can drive circles round the Stug with you Cromwell if you get nto a good position. :D