Why is the AA guns so crappy in FH?! -1 reply

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15th February 2003

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#71 17 years ago
NijoIf stronger AA makes all them flyboys stay high up in the skies and practice some high altitude bombing instead of flying at 10-feet alt with a B25 then it can only be good for the mod ;)

Excactly this is our hope. No more dive bombing with mediums bombers. No more of that flying nap of the earth if you do your surely going to be shot down By AA.

A planes roll should be stay high untill someone calls for airsupport. not fling around the battle field as low as u can go straffing everything u see.

Sure this happened in ww2 but only after the AA implacments were taken out.,

SO act as a team take out those aa then let them have it. with your air support.

Hitting something with one load of limited number of realtive to RL too weak bombs at high altitude in FH can be a problem without proper bomb aiming equipment.....

Believe me guys when i tell u both me and Hartman has worked hard in trying to implimant something like this.

But dices has been stupid enough to hard code the "set.cameraoffset" not to use any rotations. therefor switching a camera view to a bombsite looking down is impossable,

The only way we could solve this is do include a bombadier postion. and he has controll of the bomb load. but there was to many cons then pros when we discussed this issue,

Go tell dice to come off an SDK then we could work wonders for you guys.