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24th November 2002

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#51 15 years ago

I just use my gun for shooting targets, but I don't hunt with it.

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Spawncamping uncaptureable bases is lame.

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28th May 2003

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#52 15 years ago

sempai(be)As you should know I don't care at all about the points or kills. I just like the team to win.

Just have a look on the pubs , 50 % of the time the top 3 is filled with players from the loosing side.

That is because the other players suck. Winning a conquest game you can achieve both ways :

- Killing enough enemies so their tickets run out : 1 ticket = 1 (re)spawn so you can win without taking a single flag. Nothing wrong with high kill rates, that helps your team like nothing else....

In an aircraft i kill 10 players by machinegun strafing/bombing them ( taking away 10 tickets from them ) much faster then a player can cap 5 (!) flags that adds up to the same amount of tickets lost to the enemy.....kills usually acount for 75 % of victory of a team.

- Capping flags. Taking a flag is helping your team to win, since that takes 2 tickets away from them, or more when the counter starts to drop automaticly. Capping flags only usually acount for 25 % of victory of a team.

You will not be in top 3 in a 50+ player server wich is actually almost full camping an enemy base. Campers can only kill a handfull of respawning players that will start hunt them too, ending up in a cat and mouse game they always loose and can not keep up with players in the field capping flags and having a good kill rate.

What you say about campers being in top 3 score is bullshit !

To me spawncamping it is and will be , no matter what "Fibel" or other stuff you drag into the discussion.

Tigerfibel ? In this discussion ? Where ? I only used it to try enlighten people overrating the tiger a tank that did not exist, and point out how the real crew used their tigers/ were advised to use their tigers by their tank manual. Not all people are able to read german, so a little explanation is never wrong.

ou should try reading Sun Tzu , should keep you occupied for a while and give you new insights on how to screw up a GAME with real-life tactics.

I suggest you read "the art of war" yourself. Maybe that stops you from whining about players that use terrain to their adavantage, and acuse players that select an elevated position to engage oponents to be campers.

Select the place where you do battle and selecting an elevated position are the basics of all strategy, and it works in FH/DICE maps aswell.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Spawn/plane/base campers are players that are inside an enemy base[/COLOR]

That is the definiton of "camper" in my book, and you NEVER see me enter an enemy base or enemy carrier !

Firing from outside an enemy base, from a good distance will never be seen as camping by me, but as endgame acceleration. No need to defend flags when you routed the enemy to their base and pin them down. If that is called base raping, then you may acuse me of being a base raper, i proudly admit that to be my actions.

"what is best in life ?"

"falcon in hand, ride the steppes on horseback with wind in hair !"

"wrong !"

"Crush your enemy, burn their villages, see them driven before you, and hear the wailing of the women and children"

"right ! "

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28th November 2003

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#53 15 years ago

KillorMast3r, it's like owning a motorcycle or listening to music.

If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

BTW: Shotguns have Skeet ranges, and for most intents and purposes, rifle and shotguns are usually used for hunting.

Hmm I understand what you mean :)

But for those who needs a gun to feel secure in their own house, i feel very sorry for.

Now my opinion on basecamping: Its ok if your team has all flags, uhh and thats about it hehe